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Flowers & Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Baskets Nova Scotia

When it Needs to be More Than Just the Thought that Counts...

Whether your needs are personal or business-related, sending the right gift is important. It should be personal and memorable. If you need assistance in order to make your gift just right please call us at 866-431-4438 to discuss your specific gifting needs today!

Baby Gift Basket Nova Scotia

Occasionally Gifted Flowers and Gift Baskets has offered quality gift solutions since 2000. Our mission is to make your gift giving needs easy and affordable. Whether in business or in family, more and more people today are living farther away than ever before. Traveling is more expensive and it isnít often possible to meet face to face for business or family.

Thatís where Occasionallygifted.ca comes in Ė we deliver flowers and gift baskets anywhere in Nova Scotia, for all occasions and events. We send gifts baskets we would love to receive ourselves! Our gifts truly are memorable. Our website offers easily identified categories, reminders of important events/holidays, easy payment method, clearly described products with attractive pictures, account creation, with on-site FedEx gift tracking and much more.

Personal Gifting

Canít make it to a family reunion? Eager to share the joy in the birth of a new family member? Hoping to help celebrate a loved oneís birthday? We have you covered! Whether you need Corporate gift baskets Nova Scotia or gourmet gift baskets anywhere across Nova Scotia, Occasionally Gifted ships from coast to coast in Canada and around the world. When more specific events come up, our birthday gift basket and spa gift baskets categories have a great selection to choose from.

If the event is a little more sombre, sending a get well gift or sympathy gift basket can be a nice way to help you express your feelings to the recipient.

Check out our Gifts for New Baby category page for great gift ideas to share your joy with the birth of a new baby.

Having a baby is a special time in a familyís life. It can also be the hardest. New parents can become forgetful. There is so much to remember! Occasionallygifted.ca can help you share your joy and happiness and at the same time, provide them with needed baby supplies.

The Business Relationship Builder

Your competition is biting at your heels, waiting for you to slip up with your customers. Take them for granted and theyíll find your competitors on their own! A business relationship is fragile. It must be nurtured and cared for. They need to believe you are on their side vested in the success of their business. How many businesses have seen their inferior competitors leap ahead of them in sales or market share? A business must build strong alliances with their suppliers, customers and employees. Thatís where Occasionally Gifted comes in!

  • Employee holiday gifts are wonderful ways to express how much you value them and their continued effort helping build your business.
  • Suppliers are partners in your success. When sending a gift, it's important to understand that bigger is not always better and the intent of the gift is as important as the price. You don't send the most expensive gift, you send a personal one that has meaning. Some occasions, a simple thank you note will suffice. On other occasions, a gift basket with personal meaning will cement the relationship if timed right.
  • Customers want easy choices and the belief that you will make them look good in the eyes of their recipient. When you send a gift, your recipient is happy when they receive it. When you send the right gift, your recipient is happy every time they think of you and the thoughtfulness you demonstrated.
When it needs to be more than just the thought that counts, we sincerely believe that you can count on Occasionallygifted.ca for all of your personal, business and corporate gift basket giving needs in Nova Scotia!

Happy Gifting!

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