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Cherished Farewell Bouquet

Cherished Farewell Bouquet
The Cherished Farewell Arrangement is an elegant display of beauty to honor your loved one at their final farewell service. Red roses, red carnations, white gladiolus, light blue delphinium, blue iris, white Oriental lilies, white Asiatic lilies and lush greens are elegantly arranged in a white plastic urn to create a stunning way to say your last goodbye.

GOOD arrangement Approx 32"H x 26"W.
BETTER arrangement Approx 35"H x 29"W.
BEST arrangement Approx 36"H x 30"W.

We have carefully selected what we consider to be the best Sympathy arrangements to convey your sentiments. You can always return to our Flower Market for a larger selection
Our Price: $180.00

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